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Affordable Care Act Poster (Laminated) Affordable Care Act Poster (Laminated)

Affordable Care Act Poster: Employers must provide the notice to each employee, regardless of plan enrollment status or part-time or full-time status. All U.S. businesses must comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirement to notify their employees of healthcare coverage options through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

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California Disability Insurance Booklet California Disability Insurance Booklet (Required at Hire)

California Disability Insurance Booklet
-5 Booklets
-4 Pages Each Booklet

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California Pregnancy Leave Pamphlet California Pregnancy Leave Pamphlet

All employers must provide information about pregnancy leave rights to their employees and post this information in a conspicuous place where employees tend to gather. Employers who provide employee handbooks must include information about pregnancy leave in the handbook.

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California Unemployment Insurance Claim Pamphlets California Unemployment Insurance Claim Pamphlet

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a nationwide program created to provide partial wage replacement to unemployed workers while they conduct an active search for new work. Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a federal-state program, based on federal law, but executed through state law. Employers finance the UI program by tax contributions. In California, the EDD administers the UI program according to guidelines established by the UI Code and the  California Code of Regulations, Title 22.

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California Sexual Harassment Pamphlets California Sexual Harassment Pamphlet

All employers must distribute an information sheet on sexual harassment to all employees. An employer may either distribute this pamphlet or develop an equivalent document that meets the requirements of Government Code section 12950(b).

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California Forklift Posters California Forklift Poster (Bilingual)

Employers have the responsibility to comply with 29 CFR 1910.178(1) in order to ensure the safe operation of powered industrial trucks at their facility. The California Forklift Poster meets California's Forklift safety standards. Please refer to the Mandatory Federal Forklift Poster for businesses that operate a forklift outside of California.

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